2015 here I come!

I have been feeling the urge to review my 2014, and plan for 2015… which is hard, because I have been known to be a massive procrastinator. I do have a bucket list (written down somewhere) but I think my 2015 goals for now would be:

  1. Quit smoking tobacco

  2. Devise – and STICK TO – a yoga routine

  3. Get paid employment

  4. Create more art, more often

  5. Update / ramble here on my blog more regularly

And that’s all I’ve nutted out so far…..


Being brave enough to show you’re not brave

I totally am in awe of the wonderful Effy Wild.

Not only because she is an inspiring, quirky artist and all-round awesome person, but because she  is brave. Not charge into battle brave, but PERSONALLY brave.

In her latest post on her website/blog (here – trigger warning: depression) she bit the proverbial bullet and shared with her immense fan-base, student-base, and friend-base the depths of her despair and depression. She typed the raw confession that leaves me (and undoubtedly others within our not-so-little community) at once horrified and grateful.


For being brave enough to show you’re not brave.

For continuing when all seems lost.

For being open and honest, even if it took some extracted promises.

For showing us that it is ok to not be OK, that even though the black dog visits many, it is always in varying degrees of severity and length of stay.

For continuing to be you, the awesome and authentic EFFY WILD.

Please, if you or anyone you know is having trouble with mental health issues, PLEASE seek professional help. Talk to someone, call one of the many anonymous “suicide line” / mental health phone numbers, visit their websites, see your doctor.