Life Book Week 1/52

In my first week of Life Book 2015, I have created three pages, which I will upload a little later, or you can check out on my Flickr or the Crafted Arts FB page.

Week one is jam-packed full of awesomeness, courtesy of Tamara Laporte (of Willowing Arts) who is just FANTASTIC.



We are three days – and two awesome expressions of creativity – into LifeBook 2015 and I am LOVING IT!
It gives me an excuse (not that I really needed one but hey now I’ve got one) to get my art on. The only problem is that now I’m going to be waiting for every Monday (afternoon here in Aus cause of the time difference) with thinly veiled impatience!
Hahahahahahaha little bit crazy
Miika out

New year

It’s weird to contemplate what my life would be like without art, or writing….. Shudder I don’t even really want to think about it.

This year I have signed up for Life Book 2015 (I will put the link below when I get onto a computer), so hopefully I’ll get into more of a routine in my creation. I’m soooo excited to be embarking on this creative journey, who knows, maybe my brain will actually retain some new techniques and sparks of inspiration instead of my muse just firing pictures and feelings (to capture in my art) through my brain 24/7.

In the wise words of the awesome Tigger, TTFN 😀



[EDIT: here is the aforementioned link]