Emotional overload

Today I was asked how I deal with emotional overload (due to a particular subject/issue) – and I answered with what I’ve been trying to do more of, namely: write or draw or paint.

This goes for ANY sort of emotional distress, or even an overload of ‘good’ emotions.

I used to resort to denial & avoidance (thanks for teaching me how, dad), unless I was confronted about it, in which case I’d just get overly defensive and angry and completely blow up (thanks mum). I am very much non-confrontational when it comes to myself and my feelings.

Nowadays, I’m still pretty non-confrontational, and I do mostly keep my feelings and innermost experiences to myself, but instead of denial & avoidance, I channel my feelings into art. Not even pretty visual art, or words that follow syntax & grammar – it’s the process that helps me find the pressure release, not the outcome / end result.


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