Rant about technology



As much as I prefer Windows OS to Mac OS, this 8.1 update is pissing me off.

Not really me personally, but my partner. Something about the Windows 8.1 update makes his game client (League of Legends) not work. Now if that wasn’t irritating enough, because the stupid godsdamn technology automatically applies the update, he “has to” reset the computer to factory settings every week or so to get the OS back to Windows 8

Which means that every week or so, I have to re-download Chrome (because there’s no way in hell I’m using crappy IE), re-setup Chrome (thank the gods the program saves my bookmarks & settings), and have to move all my files off the computer before he does the rest – and then move them back onto the computer after he’s done. So so so sooooo thankful I bought an external HDD about a year ago


Not very long, but pretty summed up.

-Rant over-


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