Lip biting is NOT sexy

Okay, maybe it can be…. sometimes.

See, apparently when an attractive woman bites her lower lip, it does something interesting to the pubic region of whomever deemed her worthy of the “attractive” part of her description. And there is a certain type of woman who will use that – and likely anything else that has been shown to have the same effect on people’s groins – to her advantage, and chomp down when she’s sure a potential (“bedroom companion” shall we say?) is looking her way.

But nobody realizes: there are some people for whom lip biting is actually a serious (psychological? emotional? physiological?) problem. Akin to a nervous tic or twitch, some people find it difficult to refrain from biting their lip(s) – if they’re aware they’re even doing it at the time.


I know, I myself have a pretty thick scar across the inside of my bottom lip from where I bit a hole in my lip as a child. Okay, on that particular occasion my lip was vaguely numb due to a recent dentist appointment – but I often unconsciously chew strips of skin off my lip, make it bleed, leave semi-permanent indentations in it… all without realizing I’m doing it. Until someone else notices and tells me to stop.

So yes, someone nibbling their lip may look sexy; it may push the buttons that send tingles to your fun-time parts – but for some of us, it’s just a frustrating, irritating, unconscious habit.