Welcome to the mind of Miss Miika!

Miss Miika is a little bit quirky, very unique, and ALL herself. MM loves reading, writing, drawing, creating, and otherwise being awesome.

MM is a young mother of a 2014 preppie, who lives with her fiancé (Hubby) and their aforementioned daughter (Miss Six). She has been on a Pagan path since 2004, and is still not quite sure what category/label she fits… But Miss Miika doesn’t particularly care about labels anyway, so she’s fine with it. MM has found, and connected to, her patron deity Hekate…. and cannot believe she didn’t realise it sooner than she did  XD

Miss Miika has decided to keep this blog as semi-anonymous, and if you figure out that you know MM personally, please refrain from commenting with anything identity-revealing.


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