Day 2 of 30

The much awaited Day 2 of 30…

2. How did you become first aware of this deity?


As I have heard others say, there were hints. A habit here, a preference there. Looking back, I can easily see the dots connecting, the subtle whispers of Hekate’s presence in my life – but it wasn’t until a few years ago that She decided to skip the subtlety completely and give me the fright of my life.


I have always collected keys, old keys, new keys, functional or decorative, I collected them all. When they gathered dust, I would clean them. Usually with nail polish remover.

One day I decided to clean my keys while I had a prayer candle burning. The prayer attached to this particular candle was one of seeking a guide or patron. Ironic, really. As I was cleaning one particularly large skeleton key, I was scraping fine dust & dirt out of the end you stick in the lock (no idea what it’s called properly, bear with me), and the other end got a bit too close to the candle. Without seeing how it actually happened, all of a sudden I was holding the bottom of a burning key. For a second or two – although it felt longer – I just stared at it, my eyes transfixed. Then common sense won out, and I dashed to the sink to drown the flames (luckily I was in the kitchen, avoiding a sink full of “just-too-hot-to-do-the-dishes” cooling water). After I had blown out the candle, and finished cleaning my keys in a safer part of the house, I still couldn’t get the image of the burning key out of my mind.


The next few weeks, I “researched” (mostly Googling different terms) burning keys….. Along with some very beautiful artwork, the name Hekate kept cropping up. So I started to research Her instead/as well. Well, the more I read, the more things in the previous experiences of my life came together and formed an intricate pattern. My key and coin collections, my preference for black dogs, my depression (the ultimate “Black Dog”), and several other personal experiences slotted together like a jigsaw puzzle, and the picture they completed was Her. So I meditated on what I had read and learned about Her, saw Her in a meditation/vision in which She came and acknowledged me (with a slight air of ‘it took you long enough!’), and started to regularly honour Her on my small altar and in my life.


…..and I now refrain from using nail polish remover near a lit candle.

The Pagan Blog Project


So I have discovered something I want to blog about 🙂

I am now participating in The Pagan Blog Project 2014.

Sure, it’s a little late, but I will most likely be doing “catch-up posts” for the ones I have missed, after my first “official” post next week (24-01-2014)

Wish me luck,

Miss Miika )O(