Blood is important – just ask anyone involved in forensics.
But what has blood got to do with Magick? My answer will hopefully make sense to even the fluffiest of bunnies.

Everyone knows blood contains DNA right? That double-helix of genes that dictates our biological blueprint – whether we have dark skin or fair, blue eyes or hazel.
Blood is life. It is the fundamental base of who we are, how we start our journey of self-discovery. Even if you don’t get along with your blood relatives, the connection you share – your blood-bond – gives you one of your earliest identifiers, influencing who you decide you are in this world. Your culture, traditions, family – everyone feels the need to identify with a group, to belong. When you’re young your blood provides the first instance of that.

Another facet of blood’s importance is a little more “magickal” – menarche (onset of menstruation). Women’s blood, Moon blood, Gaia’s blessing – whatever name it is given, it’s an important and powerful part of every woman’s life. Obviously in our Western culture, nowadays especially, menarche & menses are only experienced by women.
When a girl embarks upon her own journey of menses, she is joining all women – those of her family, her culture, the whole world! It is an important, empowering stage of a young woman’s life, and a rite of passage that will only amplify her personal power.

Blood can be used in Magick too. Now before anyone gets all upset, protesting “oh no that’s dark Magick!” Or “it’s not right to self harm, get help!” let me say a few things before elaborating on blood as a magickal tool / ingredient.
1) Yes, Blood Magick is ‘dark’ Magick. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Everything has to exist in balance, right? Then how can only working with light be balanced? Life is full of polarity, bad/good, light/dark, night/day, etc – and so Magick is no different. Yet ‘dark’ Magick isn’t all about evil, or causing harm – it can be very rewarding to work with your Shadow Self.
2) I completely agree with the second protest. If you’re harming yourself for the sake of it, or because of a mental illness, you should definitely seek help. I myself have been in that position, and found it incredibly helpful to speak to a professional (as well as close friends) about my need/obsession of self-harming.
3) An additional point: I am NOT & will NEVER in any way shape or form encouraging anyone to cause themselves, or anyone else, harm for any purpose whatsoever.

Now that’s been stated, we can get to the Blood-Magick link. Blood can be used for many different purposes in Magick, such as devotion, connection, or anointing. Let’s look at these examples in closer detail.
Devotion: blood can be used as an offering to deities, spirits, entities, etc. as an act of sacrificial devotion – offering an intimate part of yourself, allowing them to bond & connect with you, your blood, and your unique energy signature.
Connection: blood can be utilised in ritual or spells to tie you more intimately & closely to the Magick worked. It can also help in rites involving biological ancestors or other biological family.
Anointing: blood can be used to anoint and consecrate magickal tools such as athames, candles, wands, your BoS, etc. This creates a more powerful link between a practitioner and the Magick worked by them, with their tools – it helps to align the innate qualities or Magick within the item with your personal energy & Magick.

NOTE: if anyone reading this post is interested enough to start using Blood Magick, please make sure you keep the following things in mind…
– be careful WHERE you draw blood from
– don’t EVER share needles/blades/etc. The safest way to draw blood I can think of is to use a medical lancet (the pricking things used by diabetics when checking their blood sugar)
– be mindful of ANY & ALL medical conditions that may affect or be effected by drawing blood
– be careful in the amount of blood you draw, both in QUANTITY and FREQUENCY
– menstrual blood is ALWAYS a less risky, if somewhat messier, option

I hope this has been informative, and makes you re-examine any pre-conceived ideas you may have about Blood Magick.