Edible Magick: Kitchen Witchery, or Something Else?

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Edible Magick!

I don’t really know what qualifies as Kitchen Witchery, so we will see where this thought takes us, shall we? As far as I can tell, there are two types of edible Magick, 1) foodstuffs prepared specifically for a Magickal working or event and 2) foodstuffs prepared in such a way, or including specific ingredients, so as to produce a Magickal result.


This first type of edible Magick would include foodstuffs made specifically for the Cakes & Ale rite, or that has been blessed before consumption for a Magickal feast (in a Sabbat celebration, or perhaps a coming of age rite). There are plenty of recipes available online, in recipe books, through friends & family, etc that you can utilize for this type of edible Magick.

The second type of edible Magick would include foodstuffs utilizing the Magickal properties of ingredients, rather than simply their taste. This could mean adding a particular herb/spice to your weekly family meal that encourages harmony, etc. etc.

Obviously, if you are going to be cooking with herbs and spices (or indeed any other ingredients) for their Magickal properties, please heed this warning: Make sure it is edible. There are a great many substances that are extremely powerful Magickally, which will cause illness or even death if consumed. ALWAYS be sure to check as many resources as you can, and if in doubt, leave it out.

I have often found myself cooking a meal for my family, in which the ingredients I use have a particular Magickal correspondence, or medicinal purpose, without even realising it until afterwards! Next time you feel like cooking a particular dish out of the blue, look into the ingredients to see if there is something your subconscious may be trying to rectify in the balance of your life. Or perhaps you may find it useful to look at what needs balancing in your (or your family) life – and create a dish with ingredients to assist?



I’m just going to say it right now: there is nothing ethically or morally wrong with cooking a Magickal meal, serving it to people, and not telling them of the energies utilized in the cooking or preparation. As long as you are not attempting to subvert another person’s free will, there is no harm. If you do tell a non-believer that you utilized Magick in creating the meal, there may be tantrums and refusal to eat. Just like not telling a small child that there are healthy vegetables minced up and ‘hidden’ in their dinner, you are not required to disclose all the ingredients of every meal you make, and the reason you chose those ingredients. By all means, tell the consumer if you wish, and if you think they will accept (or even appreciate) the Magick utilized in this way, but don’t feel at all obligated to – it’s your call.



PS – I will post a couple of Magickal recipes in separate posts, just as soon as I can find where I’ve hidden my Cooking BoS 😀

WARNING: As always, with anything you make that is intended to be consumed, make sure the ingredients you use are safe for human consumption!