Day 7 of 30

<as you can tell by Day 7 following Day 3, I am not necessarily doing the 30 Days of Devotion in numerical order>


7. Names and epithets

I have compiled the following list from a variety of sources, listed at the bottom of this post 🙂 Some of the epithets or titles may have the same meaning as another, this is likely due to different cultures or sub-cultures with varying dialects.


ADAMANTAEA – Unconquerable

ADONAEA – Lady of the Underworld

AGRIOPE – Savage Face

ALEXEATIS – Averter (She who wards off all dangers)

AMAIMAKETOS – Unconquerable

AMEIBOUSA – the One That Transforms

ANASSA – Queen

ANASSA ENEROI – Queen of Those Below (the dead)

ANTANIA – Enemy of Mankind

APAGCHOMENE – Suspended One

APANCHOMENE – The Hanged One

APHRATTOS – Nameless, Unnameable

APOTROPAIOS – Averter of Evil

ARKUIA – the Bear

ATALOS – Tender

AZOSTOS  – Ungirt


BOLOS – Far-Thrower

BORBOROPHORBA – Eater of Filth

BOUKOLOS – Ox-Herder

BRIMO – Angry One

CHRYSEOSANDALOS – That Wears Golden Sandals

DAEIRA** – “The Knowing One”

DADAPHOROS – Torchbearer

DESPOINA – Mistress

DRAKAINA – She-Snake

EILEITHYIA** – Skilled in Childbirth

EINALIA – of the Sea

EMPYLIOS – Before the Gate

ENODIA – of the Paths

EPAINE – the Awesome

EPHOROS – Guardian, Watcher


EPIPURGIDIA – on the Tower

ERANNE – Lovely

EUKOLINE – Good-Tempered

EURIPPA – Horse-Finder

GENETYLLIS – Birth Helper


HERSECHTHONIA – Speaking from Below

HEXACHEIRA – Six-Handed, of Six Ways

HIPPARETE – Horse-Speaker

KHTHONIA – of the Underworld

KALKAEA – Wearer of the High Boots

KALLISTE – Fairest


KLEIDOUKHOS – Keeper of the Keys

KORE – Maiden (not to be confused with Persephone)

KRATAIIS – Strong One

KROKOPEPLOS – Saffron-Cloaked

KUROTROPHOS – Nurse of Children & Protectress of Mankind

KYNO – Bitch (literally, as in a female dog)

LAGINITIS – (unknown, possibly after a goddess who created the Hare)

LAMPADEPHOROS – Lamp-bearer, Torch-bearer

LEIANA – the Lioness

LIMENOSKOPOS – of the Threshold

LIPAROKREDMNOS – with Bright Headband

LOCHAIS – Midwife

MAERA – Glistening

MAGEUS – One Who Kneads

MEGISTE – Greatest

MEISOPOMENOS – Labourer of the Moon

MELINOE – Soothing One

MOERA – Older than Time

MONOGENES – Only Child

MUNYCHIA – Moon Goddess

NOCTICULA – Moon Goddess

NYKTERIA – Nocturnal

NYKTIPOLOS – Night-Wandering

OISTROPLANEIA – Bringer of Madness

OURANIA – of the Sky

OXYTHYMIA – Quick to Anger

PANDINA – Feared by All

PANOPAEA – Teacher of All

PERSEIS* – daughter of Perses

PHERAEA – She Who Brings Forth

PHILEREMOS – Lover of Solitude

PHINIKOPEZA – Ruddy-Footed

PHOSPHOROS – the Light-Bringer

PHROUNE – She-Toad


PHYSIS – Nature

POLYBOTEIRA – Generous Giver of Nourishment

PRODOMOS – of the Vestibule

PROKATHEGETIS – She Who Goes Down Before

PROPOLOS – the Attendant Who Leads

PROPYLAIA – the One Before the Gate

PROTHYRAEA – Before the Gate

PRYTANIA – Invincible Queen of the Dead


PURPHOROS – Fire Bearer

RODODACTYLOS – Rosy-Fingered

SELENE** – the Far-Shooting Moon

SKOTIA – of the Dark

SKYLAKAGETIS – Leader of the Dogs

SOTEIRA – Saviour

SPEIRODRAKONTOZONOS – She-Snake Girt with Coils of Dragons

TAUROPOLOS – Bull Herder

TERGEMINUS – of Triple Birth

THEA DEINOS – The Dread Goddess

THEROBROMOS – Roaring Like A Wild Beast

TRIAUCHEROS – with Three Necks

TRICEPS – Three-Formed

TRIGLANDINE – Thrice-Whirled

TRIGLENA – Three-Eyed

TRIKEPHALOS – Three-Headed

TRIMORPHIS – Three-Formed

TRIODITIS – of Three Roads

TRIVIA – of the Three Ways

TYMBIDIA – Sepulchral

ZERYNTHIA – (meaning unknown)



  • shows a relationship with another entity/deity

** also a separate entity/deity



Hekate: Liminal Rites by Sorita d’Este & David Rankine

The Temple of Hekate by Tara Sanchez

Hekate: Her Sacred Fires Ed. by Sorita d’Este

The Covenant of Hekate official website

Hekate’s Crossroads Facebook group

Theoi Project website

Day 3 of 30

3. Symbols and icons of this deity


Symbols and icons associated with Hekate are as follows:

Snake / serpent



Thresholds / gateways

Wortcunning / herbalism

Ghosts / souls

Umbilical cord

Shears / dagger / blade

Torch (traditionally the burning stick kind, not battery-operated)

Dogs, particularly black dogs

The Underworld

Threes – three forms / faces / ways

The Moon




Sickle / scythe



Fire / candles / light

Divination / oracles

Triskelion / triquetra

Triple spiral

Hekate’s Wheel / Strophalos

Day 1: Introduction

Day 1 of “30 Days of Devotion”

<30 Days of Devotion will  not be consecutive, because contrary to popular opinion, I DO have a life>

  1. A basic introduction of the deity

Hekate is…

… that I sit and try to put Her into words, with a mere 26 letters arranged & rearranged into seemingly meaningful ways, I realize language is largely inadequate for this task.

I suppose I shall try, though. Newbies and fluffy bunnies alike may simply know Hekate as Queen of Witches, Goddess of Death & Ghosts, Guardian of the Crossroads…. the truth? She is. She is also more – a LOT more.


She is the Cosmic World Soul, Keeper of the Keys, the Angry One, the Midwife, the Three-formed, the Saviour… Yet these are still only some of Her many many epithets and titles. They express how the ancients viewed Her, the many roles they believed Her to play. I can only really comment on what i have experienced, how I know Her – to be honest, that’s all any of us can do.


Hekate is Power. Anthropomorphically, She appears as a woman, youth or adult. She is a Guardian and a Keeper, an Illuminator, a Shrouder, and a Guide.


To me, Hekate is a dark Queen, lurking among the darkest places found both within and without all. She assists in showing me the path I must take, reflect upon the paths I have taken; the choices I must make are guided by Her twin flames and immeasurable knowledge.

She Keeps the Ways of the Universe, the Paths of Destiny & Fate, behind the locked doors they require until the appropriate hour. She holds the Key. The key of bone, blood, breath, and soul; the Key of all that is, all that was, and all that shall be.

She is my Guide, my Guardian, my Sanctuary – and my kick up the butt when I need it.


She is