House Ward Charm

Ok so I know this isn’t PBP related, but I think I will be sharing things other than my participation posts.


Length of crafting wire

Length of twine/thread, red or black

Fresh, clean water

Incense of sage and/or lavender

Red or black candle

Coarse rock salt

Red candle inscribed with a ‘H’ or a key motif

The charm can be physically crafted at any time of day/night/moon cycle/year.

Construct a tangle of wire & thread, utilising the witches’ ladder for knotting the threads if you wish. Attach it to a chain / cord that you can hang it by.


Sprinkle the charm with water. Say:

“Elemental Water, I ask you bless this charm for the purpose of protecting my home.

Catch malice in your strong riptide,

Allow only positivity to flow inside.”

Waft incense over the charm. Say:

“Elemental Air, I ask you bless this charm for the purpose of protecting my home.

Like a tornado blow away,

Ill will & bad luck every day.”

Bathe the charm in candlelight. Say:

“Elemental Fire, I ask you bless this charm for the purpose of protecting my home.

Burn away negativity & hate,

Allow warmth to infuse our fate.”

Lay charm on rock salt. Say:

“Elemental Earth, I ask you bless this charm for the purpose of protecting my home.

Negativity & bad energy be trapped,

In earthen tomb tightly wrapped.”

Hold the charm to your heart. Say:

“Elemental Spirit, Aethyr, all things, I ask you bless this charm for the purpose of protecting my home.

Within and without everything you are,

Protect and empower the boundaries I’ve cast.”


Hold the charm high to the Full Moon. Say:

“Lovely Luna, shining bright,

I ask a boon upon your night.

Imbue this charm with your power,

To reflect all ill at every hour.”

Leave the charm under the FM light until dawn.


Hold the charm high to the noonday Sun. Say:

“Fiery Sol, you illuminate the world,

Bringing bright day to boys & girls.

I ask you imbue this charm for me,

To protect my home & my family.”

Leave the charm under full Sun from noon until dusk.


Light the candle, and sit in a comfortable position facing the flame. Say:

“Lady Hekate, of thresholds and doors,

I craft this barrier in name of yours.

Watching over paths and in-betweens,

Let nothing pass through unseen.

I ask you attune this charm for my home’s protection,

Negativity only crossing in outbound direction.

You who hold the key to unlock all doors,

From the depth of my heart & soul to yours.

I thank you for this blessing Dark Mistress,

With you on the watch I’ll not be distressed.”

Sit and meditate, holding the charm, for as long as you feel is necessary.


TIMING: Night of the Dark Moon, up until First Quarter.

If you want to take Magickal timing in consideration, I suggest the planetary hours of Mars (boundaries, protection, aggression) or Saturn (limitation, bindings, restricting), on a Tuesday (Mars) or Saturday (Saturn).

Place a nail or hook above your front door to anchor the charm. Cast circle if you wish.

Hold the charm in your hands, and recite the following:

“This threshold marks my family’s place,

Our sanctuary, our sacred space.

Bring happiness and safety to all of us,

And invitation to those we trust.

For those who wish to do us harm,

Ill intent be snared by twisted charm.

Charged with power of Sun and Moon,

Lady Hekate and the Elements too.

Negativity and malice are thrust far away,

This barrier keeps them from darkening our days.”

Hang the charm above the front door.


Take down the charm on the eve of the Witches’ New Year, Samhain (31st Oct for Northen Hemisphere, 30th April for Southern Hemisphere) and lay it in a vessel full of course rock salt, burying it completely.

Leave it there overnight to cleanse of the negative energy it may have collected, and to recharge its ‘battery’ so to speak. Re-hang the charm at dawn, reciting the Hanging words above.

You may wish remove the charm at any time, to cleanse it, or to repeat the Preparation charging anew.