Confession time

So I am a bit of a Ā geek….

Well, not it’s not really a secret to those who know me, but it’s probably not one of the most widely-known facts about me šŸ™‚

I love Magic: The Gathering, especially the lore behind each new expansion.

Artwork from Deathpact Angel

Wallpaper artwork from the card ‘Deathpact Angel’

I also love watching Hubby play League of Legends (whilst teasing him/cheering him on, depending on my mood – and his gameplay), and the in-depth lore behind LoL too.

Jinx: the Loose Cannon

Jinx: the Loose Cannon

I also still play theĀ PokemonĀ games (and I have since approximately 1996), and have various folders, notebooks, and art-books FILLED with lore, pictures, and stories.

My favourite pokemon :)

My favourite pokemon Eevee