Creative Nights

I have been loitering among various art journalling and creativity-inspiring blogs lately (linked at the bottom of this post), and it has really helped get my creativity flowing. It’s not that I haven’t been able to create things using various mediums – I’ve just been a bit blocked in terms of themes, or subject matter.

Scrolling through various albums & pictures, and prompt lists & inspiring quotes, has given my muse mucho ammo – and she’s firing fast! I haven’t been blogging much lately because of the sheer amount of paint, gesso, journals, glue, needle & thread, crayons, pencils, etc that have been cluttering my life. I’ve been creating works in my art journal from various meditations, visual & reflective exercises, and passages from books I’ve been reading.

I may post some pictures of the art that has been occupying my time recently, with the link to my FB page 🙂


Creative Blogs I follow at the moment:


Words of Me Project

Effy Wild: Love & Glitter


Artful Thinking

CreativeLea’s Infinite Journey

Serendipity Studio

Smudged Textiles Studio

Artist Cellar

Guada’s Art & Mandalas


Plus inspiration flows pretty nicely from various posts in:

Lost For Words FB group

The Victorian Pagan Circle FB group


The page I post all my creations on:

Crafted Arts FB page







Day 3 of 30

3. Symbols and icons of this deity


Symbols and icons associated with Hekate are as follows:

Snake / serpent



Thresholds / gateways

Wortcunning / herbalism

Ghosts / souls

Umbilical cord

Shears / dagger / blade

Torch (traditionally the burning stick kind, not battery-operated)

Dogs, particularly black dogs

The Underworld

Threes – three forms / faces / ways

The Moon




Sickle / scythe



Fire / candles / light

Divination / oracles

Triskelion / triquetra

Triple spiral

Hekate’s Wheel / Strophalos