The Akashic Record

Week 2 10-01-2014 (catch-up post)


The Akashic Record is a complete record of everything, Past Present and Future.

Yes, EVERYTHING – every word, every thought, every action… everything. It exists somewhere on the aethyr plane of existence, and can be accessed through magick – through ritual, meditation, oracles, etc.

To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I would want to know my future – not in the exact, precise, factual way the Akashic Record is written. Sure, I utilize my tarot & oracle cards to ask for a hint of what my near future may hold, or to ask for guidance in what I should be doing… but that it entirely different to knowing something for 100% sure, like the cause of your death.

I’m not sure if the Akashic Record is fixed-future or flexible-future, but as every time travel expedition in movies has taught us: even if you change one thing, it doesn’t only affect that one thing. Like ripples on a pond, one action effects all things around it. Perhaps by merely knowing your future, even if it’s something favourable, the outcome would change.

That being said, accessing the Akashic Record could be immensely useful if utilized correctly. This access, if granted, could be used to research your genealogy, to search for past instances (and solutions to) of an event or illness, even to find a particular person in any time.

What would you seek access to the Akashic Record for?